I bought my SNOOZER in about my 6 month of pregnancy, after trying to get away with using a (very uncomfortable) "body pillow" from one to those large linen retail stores. After 1 night with that horrible fake I vowed to get myself a nice comfy one -- after all, I deserved it. From that day on, I NEVER went overnight anywhere without my SNOOZER. In those last pregnancy months, when basically any position is uncomfortable to sleep in, my SNOOZER was my best friend, there to help me out.

Amy C.
South Kingstown, RI


When I was a few months pregnant with triplets, my husband and I went to a baby expo to see every cutting edge product available in the baby industry. That was where we found out about the SNOOZER Body Pillow. Of all the things we bought, the SNOOZER was by far the best purchase. As my pregnancy progressed, the SNOOZER made it possible for me to find comfortable ways to get some rest. Now, my kids are almost two years old, and I look forward to a good night’s sleep. I can’t imagine not having my SNOOZER.

C.M. Avon, NJ


I became pregnant (with twins!) in September and have loved my SNOOZER Full Body pillow since the day my husband gave it to me for Christmas. Recently, however, my pillow went from a "nice to have" to an absolute essential. I went into pre-term labor at 23 weeks and will spend the duration of my pregnancy on bedrest at the hospital. The pillow was the first thing my husband brought in and I cannot overstate the comfort that it has brought me -- not just the physical comfort, but also the emotional comfort of having something "from home" that helps me stay in the best position for our babies. The doctors and nurses have all noticed the pillow and have even gone so far as to suggest that they should become standard issue to all the women in the High Risk Perinatology unit that (for the time being) I call home!

Kristin M.
Arlington, VA


For men and women, pregnant and not!
My first snoozer pillow ended up in my husband's arms. He said he stopped waking up with backaches--I thought it was just an excuse! My second snoozer proved him right; I have mild scoliosis and other than providing relief to my ever-changing pregnant body, I feel like it aligns my spine and I finally wake up in the same position I fall asleep in. Whether you're pregnant or need alignment, the snoozer works wonders.

Mariam, (expecting first baby...)
Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for recommending the Snoozer full body pillow to me! As an avid fitness enthusiast, I know exercise and proper nutrition are essential, but so is quality sleep. Quality sleep is what I’d been missing. I tossed and turned and was always rearranging my pillows to try to find a comfortable position, often waking with a stiff neck and back. The first night with the Snoozer I knew I’d found the perfect pillow! I woke up feeling rested and in the same comfortable position I’d gone to sleep in. It’s so fluffy and comfortable and it molds to my body and supports me completely. Thanks again Nurtured Baby for another great product!

-R.M. Danville, CA

“I love my Snoozer full body pillow! The support and firmness are perfect.
It gives me a restful night’s sleep and now I just can’t live without it!”

-L.S. Springfield, VA

“Wow, finally a pillow that eases my chronic back pain! I have suffered for years from back pain and the Snoozer pillow is the best solution I have found for my problem. The Snoozer gives me support and comfort that I have not found in other products. My neck, back and knees stay in line all night and I'm feeling great!”

-A.P. Tampa, FL

"My sons fought over who got to sleep with the Snoozer. My older son won. He has had trouble falling asleep all his life. He's 10. He's had a severe chronic skin condition that causes him to be itchy and uncomfortable every night. He battles with asthma as well. Last night he latched onto your pillow, and that was the last I saw or heard from him till this morning. He said he loved it!
Looking forward to getting one for myself !"

Mary Ann

"It should be a doctor requirement for every pregnant woman to get a snoozer pillow. I spent 8 out of 9 1/2 months of pregnancy with out one. I couldn't sleep!! My husband was just as miserable as I was, because I kept him up. About 2 weeks before my daughter was born I got a snoozer pillow. I slept better with my pillow than I ever did (even before Pregnancy). When It was time for the baby to come I brought not only my snoozer pillow with me, but my mothers too! I don't know how I would have survived. When we brought the baby home it was excellent: during the day I'd have it 'wrapped' around me to help with the new task of nursing. And at night I got the most relaxing sleep (Since I wasn't getting much of due to the baby). I can't sleep now with out it!"

Marietta, GA

"WOW! I slept all night. I have fibromyalgia and usually spend every night tossing and turning. The first night I used my new Snoozer pillow I slept all night, in the same position! While I never wake up pain free, I actually woke up rested for the first time since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I can't tell you how great it feels to sleep like I used to - and I know it's because of my new pillow. Thank you SO much for this wonderful product!
Night night, pleasant dreams!! "

B.J.M. Valparaiso, IN

"For years I have struggled to get the 3-4 pillows I slept with each night in just the right position to support my head, shoulders, back and legs. You accomplished it all with one pillow.
I suffer from sleep apnea and I am told this has reduced my snoring and how loud I snore. Thanks from the household!"

Kindest regards,
Carlton Reeves
Cumming, GA