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The SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow is Doctor Recommended to improve your sleep quality before, during, and after your pregnancy! By providing the luxurious support of 3 pillows in 1 contoured design this is the ultimate full body sleep solution.

  • Provides Ideal Pregnancy Support
  • Provides Multiple Lactation Benefits
  • Improves Overall Sleep Quality
  • Enhances Muscular Relaxation
  • Promotes Healthier Circulation
  • Reduces Head, Neck, & Back Strain
  • Promotes Proper Spinal Alignment
  • Reduces Tossing and Turning
  • Supports All Basic Sleep Positions
  • Pain Relief for Knee & Back Injuries
SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow
Polyfill Synthetic Down   $59.99
Premium Comforel® Synthetic Down   $79.99
White European
Natural Goose Down

Heavenly Down™ Synthetic Micro-Fiber

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These images show how the SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow can support the Semi-Fetal position in multiple ways. This is the #1 doctor recommended sleeping position during pregnancy because side sleeping helps relieve pressure on the main blood vessels in the body. The Semi-Fetal sleep position is known to improve blood circulation, spinal alignment, reduce tossing and turning, as well as promote longer periods of deep sleep. The unique shape of this pillow will conform to your body in many ways so you can get the added support you need exactly where you want it!

Traditionally speaking doctors do not recommend women sleep on their backs during pregnancy because laying flat on your back during pregnancy causes the weight of the uterus to put pressure on the inferior vena cava. This pressure can reduce blood circulation to you and your fetus leading to dizziness, light headiness, heart racing, shortness of breath...in other words a feeling as if you are going to pass out. In order to rest safely and comfortably on your back during pregnancy you need to have even support along one side of your body and keep yourself tilted. The picture to the right shows how the SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow can cradle your entire spine, tilt your body slightly to relieve uterine pressure, and allow you to rest comfortably in a "left lateral tilt" sleeping position.

Rest and relaxation is vital during the later stages of pregnancy. Unfortunately getting comfortable is easier said than done. Unlike any other product on the market the SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow can wrap around your abdomen to cradle your belly and take the take the weight off your lower back. Simply put the straight section of the pillow behind your lower back and gently tuck the curved top section between your belly and your thighs. This unique feature is a bonus and one you are sure to enjoy while reading, watching TV, or just taking deep breaths for a change!

The pictures to the right show how the SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow can provide nursing and lactation support for both you and your baby in multiple ways. Whether you want to nurse sitting down or reclining in bed you can now get the added support you need. When sitting down the contoured pillow cradles your entire abdomen and lower back while the baby comfortably feeds and rests. While laying down to nurse with this pillow your entire, head, neck, and back are evenly supported so you can relax and truly enjoy this time with your baby.

The SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow is ultimately a health product that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Pregnant or not all of the health benefits listed above are available to you and your loved ones simply by using a SNOOZER® Body Pillow to improve your sleep quality. Once you have used one of our unique ergonomic pillows you will understand why they are just the right solution for just about anyone who suffers from pregnancy discomfort, back pain, arthritis, injuries, sore muscles, or simply poor sleep quality.

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